American Youth Chess Foundation

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American Youth Chess Foundation!

     This Foundation was created in February 2016 by me, Joe Hanley. I have been working in scholastic chess for over 25 years and have always been bothered by the lack of any answers to the question: "What are we (I), as Tournament Organizers and Directors, doing to give back to these youth players and their parents for all of their commitment, time, and outlay of money?"
     One of my main backgrounds is in sports. What I saw was while the majority will never make it to the professional leagues and make a living from their sport, there were college scholarships that were available to many players, often to the college of their choice. These scholarships help tremendously with the most important asset any person can education and thereby helping to pay for this education. Chess does not offer much in this area and this disheartened me. So, my answer was clear. I needed to create a Foundation that would award money to help students get to college through competing in chess tournaments...and set out and created this American Youth Chess Foundation. I hope this Foundation is able to help you and your children.

*Current Update (10/28/2016)*

As of today, our papers to get 501(3)(c) status approval are with the State of California. American Youth Chess Foundation is already a Non-Profit Corportation but I am seeking 501(3)(c) status so we can seek donations and hold fundraisers in the hopes of having even more money to award in these tournaments so more youth can win and benefit. Our total scholarship awards from February 2016 - August 2017 currently total $10,000 in tournament awards being offered.

*Current Update (12/28/2016)*

We have received full 501(3)(c) approval! As of today, we are now able to ask for donations and each one is now tax deductible. Will you please help our kids get to college? You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your taxes. Thank you.

We Honor Our Donors With A Big, "Thank You" To Each of You!